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Our group was formed in 2005. To our greatest joy at the end of this year one of our songs  called Hócsata was released on Judit Halasz’s album ’Hívd a nagymamát!' (Call the Grandmother!).
For the members of the band playing music and the joy are the key points. During our concerts the parents and the children dance and sing together with us. With our own songs we not only want to entertain but we try our best to  compose quality  pieces and give  the youngest ones the possibility to listen to high standard music. Our lyrics, although in a playful manner speaks to those smart children who are interested  in everything just like the adults. The performance of the Buborék Band is an outlook on the world through the eyes of children. For kids and adults, children and their parents or for the whole family it’s a great chance to insert playfulness and fun in their life.  Cheerful, playful, gentle or energetic music make the  four CD’s funny, charming and entertaining.
In 2012 our album called "Zenébe zárt világ" was nominated for the "Best Music for Children" category at the leading  award of Hungarian music business called Fonogram Music Award. On our gigs we surprise the children with millions of bubbles, even with snowfall inside and in winter with a real snow battle. We look forward to seeing you soon!





Members of the Band


Csilla Kovács: lead vocal
Csaba Berczelly: bass, background vocal
László Kerékgyártó: guitar, background vocal
Olivér Kocsis: keyboard
László Macsuga: drums
Gábor Morvai: keyboard, sax, background vocal



Buborék együttes - Vendégcsalogató VIDEOKLIP



Our 4th cd called Buborék Party has been released!

You can listen it here!

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